Maximise working patterns fast for high business impact.

Imperago Workforce Design provides work patterns, shifts and rosters that support both demand based and requirements based planning.

This means that you can start with the number of people required, or production throughput required, or a mix of both. Unlike more cumbersome optimisers that can take years to configure and achieve results, with Imperago it takes just a few hours to configure the software, and just days to deliver an impact to your business.

If you give staff shifts that they like to work, you’ll have less absence.

Minutes to configure – Results within days

Simply set up the tool with Username and Password and you are away. No need to interface to other systems, the software takes the user through a series of logical questions to gather the required data, and then offers a range of costed options. Once you have selected the work patterns, shifts and rosters you wish to go ahead with, the information can be exported to your time and attendance and e-rostering solutions.

Motivated staff reduces absence

It’s been proven, if you give staff shifts that they like to work, you’ll have less absence. We understand this, and design shifts around the workers. With Imperago Workforce Design it is possible to devise work patterns that keep staff happy with plenty of breaks, that ensure you have the correct level of staffing at all times, are efficient, cost effective and acceptable to the unions.

Realign your workforce whenever your business changes

You can use Imperago as often as you like. Each time your business changes, for example, you take on a new contract, loose a customer, or for whatever reason demand changes, you can rerun to produce a new set of work pattern options, aligning your workforce to meet business requirements. The tool produces a detailed report that explains all of the options, with costs, ideal for presenting to operational management and the unions to gain buy in.

Compliance Management

Imperago Workforce Design ensures that organisations meet employee related compliance legislation, such as working time directive, hours of service and the NHS New Deal. It helps organisations to provide compliant work patterns for diverse workforces in complex regulatory environments covering elements such as weekly working time, rest entitlements and annual leave, and any special provisions for night workers.

Work Life Management

Helping staff to manage work life balance can make all difference between a happy and engaged workforce, willing to go the extra mile, and serious disruptions to the business due to industrial action. When the workforce are able to manage their home lives, unplanned absence is reduced and staff are likely to be more engaged, leading to better productivity. By designing the off-duty roster first, so that staff get decent breaks and more time off at weekends, you are more likely to gain buy in from staff, and importantly, from unions.

Low overhead

Our solution is hosted in the cloud so there is no IT overhead, it is easy to use with an intuitive interface so training costs are minimised. With our logical approach you can produce the reports and scenario planning documents in a fraction of the time (and cost) of a business consultant.