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Designed to optimise your existing workforce patterns
– gaining buy-in from staff

Imperago is a specialist software and services company that enables you to plan and manage work patterns, shifts and rosters. We help you to design staff-friendly work patterns, ensuring you gain that all important staff buy-in, minimising industrial unrest so that you get the most out of your existing workforce management solutions.

The Imperago team’s deep understanding and experience of all the potential challenges facing a 24/7 service-driven operation enables the development of sophisticated, ‘outside the box’, optimisation solutions that help you to meet peaks and troughs in demand.


This expertise, encapsulated in Imperago’s Workforce Design software, places the right people in the right place at the right time, planning repeating work partners and balancing staff welfare with precisely defined business requirements. The missing first step when designing staff working patterns. For further proof of the savings you could make read our Infographic.

Imperago Workforce Design provides a powerful ‘what if’ planning feature that enables managers to experiment with different scenarios so that they can see the financial implications before making changes to staff working patterns. HR, admin and finance functions are able to plan for short, medium and long term outcomes, confident that the system will enable the workforce to stay agile to meet current and future demand.

Contact us today to see how Imperago Workforce Design can make an instant impact on your workforce planning processes.

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Aviation & Marine

In a 24/7 world with client demand changing by the hour, stay compliant, stay safe.

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Transport & Logistics

Every day is different so you need to keep an agile workforce that is highly efficient.

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Reduce reliance on temporary staff with efficient working patterns.

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