The ever-shifting nature of complex workforces presents business organisations with continuous challenges.

Imperago offers a unique combination of expert consultancy and advanced technology to help organisations identify and address workplace-related issues and then deliver the optimum solutions which ensure long-term staff satisfaction and business efficiency.

Time & Attendance and eRostering systems manage time, they won’t make you more efficient on their own. What you need is a plan. Imperago Workforce Design gives you that plan.

Meet the leadership team:

Steve Ainsley – Director

Steve has more than 30 years of experience across a multitude of business disciplines and a deep insight into the benefits of proactive workforce optimisation.

Steve’s experience of the complexities of managing the workforce to best effect, whilst optimising performance and balancing staff motivation has been instrumental in developing Imperago Workforce Design.

Among his significant previous positions, Steve served as Managing Director of Swissport Cargo and also Operations Director at SMART.

Nick Whiteley – Managing Director, hfx

Over the last 20 years, Nick has held a variety of posts at Board Level within the software Industry focused on Workforce Management and HR.

Key to his success has been understanding the differing values, cultures and objectives of each industry, whether public, including academic and healthcare, or commercial. In each sector, there is a need to engage with staff and value the key contributions they make, which is their time and their skills. For organisations and employees alike, balancing the timing of hours worked to gain maximum benefit for each party is becoming a key challenge for forward facing organisations. There is growing recognition that aligning staff times to demand is more valuable and in the same way employees attach a greater value to certain times off duty than to others. Organisations that converge these two objectives become high performing with high staff retention.

Robert Ayers – Group Customer Account Manager

Robert has more than 20 years experience and has held a number of roles spanning sales leadership, customer services, operations and professional services.

With a strong knowledge of workforce planning and optimisation, Robert has been responsible for delivering professional services and client management for organisations across multiple verticals. Rob has previously held Customer Account Manager and Professional Services Manager roles for SMART and Kronos.