Saving costs and reputations

Imperago brings science into planning, so rather than being reactive and coping with whatever happens, you stay in control of your business. Efficient work patterns save money, satisfy demand, minimise downtime and save reputations.

A unique approach that pays dividends

When planning work patterns we take a unique approach, we start with the breaks and then fit in the shifts based on your requirements and demands. We build in allowance for holidays, training and sickness, so that you need never miss another deadline, loose an order or fail to deliver on a contract simply because you didn’t have enough people.

Time & Attendance and eRostering systems manage time, they won’t make you more efficient on their own. What you need is a plan. Imperago Workforce Design gives you that plan.

Banish reliance on overtime

Our solution will show you the best way to cope with peaks in demand. It will help you to schedule the correct number of staff to work peak periods using a variety of methods. This could be a mix of shift durations (8 – 12 hour shifts or something in between), it may recommend taking on extra staff, for example, to cover holiday, sickness, training and other known absences, or judicious use of overtime. Taking on extra staff may seem like a bigger overhead, but experience tells us that relying on overtime to cover extra hours at peak times is actually more expensive. Reliance on overtime also means that you are more vulnerable to industrial action where overtime is banned.

Eliminating overtime alone can save £1000ks, which goes straight to the balance sheet.

Benefits of effective yet staff-friendly shifts

  • Protect corporate reputation and provide quality services with effective staff levels
  • Avoid compensation claims and costly penalties by meeting contractual deadlines
  • Reduce overtime and downtime by ensuring appropriate staffing levels at all times
  • Manage intra-day, weekly and season peaks and troughs
  • Reduce absence and enable better work life balance with staff friendly rosters
  • Tangible evidence of staff satisfaction that supports union negotiations