Maximise staff working patterns to meet operational & financial goals.

In today’s 24/7 culture, many organisations suspect that they could organise their staff more efficiently, to meet customer demand.

However, changing staff work patterns requires serious planning and without such evidence takes a brave leap of faith.

With Imperago Workforce Design it takes just days to deliver an impact to your business.

Imperago Workforce Design provides a powerful ‘what if’ planning feature that enables managers to experiment with different scenarios so that they can see the financial implications before making changes to staff working patterns. HR, admin and finance functions are able to plan for short, medium and long term outcomes, confident that the system will enable the workforce to stay agile to meet current and future demand.


  • Avoid compensation claims and costly penalties by meeting contractual deadlines
  • Reduce overtime and downtime by ensuring appropriate staffing levels at all times
  • Manage intra-day, weekly and season peaks and troughs
  • Protect corporate reputation and provide quality services with effective staff levels
  • Tangible evidence of staff satisfaction that supports union negotiations
  • Reduce absence and enable better work life balance with staff friendly rosters