Good work/life balance equals happy and engaged workers.

Helping staff to manage work life balance can make all difference between a happy and engaged workforce, willing to go the extra mile, and serious disruptions to the business due to industrial action.

If you want staff to change their work patterns, you have to be prepared to negotiate.

Imperago Workforce Design goes beyond conventional wisdom when it comes to devising work patterns for staff. With a clean sheet and no preconceived ideas, it is possible to design work patterns that meet the business requirements and still give staff shifts that they will be happy to work. When the workforce are able to manage their home lives, unplanned absence is reduced and staff are likely to be more engaged, leading to better productivity. By designing the off-duty roster first, so that staff get decent breaks and more time off at weekends, you are more likely to gain buy in from staff, and importantly, from unions.

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  • Reduce absence and enable better work life balance with staff friendly rosters
  • Tangible evidence of staff satisfaction that supports union negotiations
  • Reduce overtime and downtime by ensuring appropriate staffing levels at all times
  • Manage intra-day, weekly and season peaks and troughs
  • Protect corporate reputation and provide quality services with effective staff levels
  • Avoid compensation claims and costly penalties by meeting contractual deadlines